Beach Buddy is completely streamlined for easy diving and since you take it with you - if you come out of the water at a different place than where you started - getting back to your starting place is easy. Just pop on the wheels, attach your gear to your Beach Buddy and roll it out of the water and back to where you started. Never carry your gear again!!!

Beach Buddy's patented design includes an easy and effortless method to transform from "Travel Mode" to "Rolling Mode", and "Rolling Mode" to "Dive Mode" in 3 easy steps. This is how it works:

Travel Mode to Rolling Mode

STEP 1: After you have taken your Beach Buddy out of its waterproof bag, slide your tank into Beach Buddy's sleeve then place your BC over the sleeve just like you'd normally do with your tank.

Beach Buddy Travel to Rolling 1

STEP 2: Place your gear inside your BC then cinch it all down with the marine bungees.

STEP 3: Pop on the quick release wheels and you are ready to roll all your gear to your dive site.

Rolling Mode to Dive Mode

After you have rolled your Beach Buddy into the water, just add a little air to your BC and Beach Buddy floats at the surface.

Beach Buddy rolling mode to dive mode 1

Pop off the "quick release" wheels, click them into the bottom of the Beach Buddy and secure them with the special marine Bungee. You can also cover them with the wheel cover bag.

Beach Buddy rolling mode to dive mode 2Beach Buddy step2Beach Buddy step 3

Pull back the retaining straps and slide them under your BC

Beach Buddy rolling mode to dive mode 3

STEP 3:Open your BC and pull out your gear.

Beach Buddy rolling mode to dive mode 4

Now you are ready to dive!!!!

As you can see - the Beach Buddy is streamlined so you can just focus on the joy of diving!!!

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