Beach Buddy can be converted between three modes: Travel, Rolling and Dive

Travel Mode Rolling Mode Dive Mode
Beach Buddy travel mode Beach Buddy rolling mode Beach Buddy dive mode

Beach Buddy fits like a sleeve over your tank, and your BC strap goes around them both. As you dive, you won’t even notice it’s there. Simply roll Beach Buddy into the water,then secure the quick release wheels to the bottom . They’re out of the way, secure, and streamlined. Beach Buddy will be with you, no matter where you finish your dive. When you’re ready to get out of the water, reaffix the wheels and head back to your starting point

Beach Buddy is a small package about 5″ tall and 8″ in diameter. At only 4 pounds it’s perfect for travel and easy to store. Even though Beach Buddy compacts to such a small size, it will hold and roll all your gear ~ tank, weights, fins, BC, etc. ~ and is rated for 100 pounds, even in soft sand.

Beach Buddy has been designed to roll in soft sand with up to 100 pounds of gear, including your tank (most tanks weigh around 40 pounds).

Beach Buddy is built to last. Each component was selected or specifically manufactured for Beach Buddy for durability, even in the harshest marine environments. The sleeve is the same fabric used for the highest quality BCs, and the metal components are marine grade 304 stainless steel or higher. From the heavy duty hardware to the custom made marine grade bungees, Beach Buddy is made to endure extensive salt water submersion.

Beach Buddy is made in the United States. Though domestic manufacturing costs more, we are committed to supporting the US economy. We’re also passionate about preserving the environment; accordingly all packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Beach Buddy needs similar care to the rest of your diving equipment. After each use, rinse all of the components thoroughly in fresh water and allow them to dry before packing them away in the travel/storage bag.

In Dive Mode, the quick release wheels are stowed under the bottom of your tank, held by a specially designed bungee strap mechanism. If desired, they can also be covered by the (optional) wheel cover bag for situations such as wreck diving and heavy kelp.

You do not need to add any additional weight. In the water Beach Buddy is neutral, so you can dive with your usual amount of weight.

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The biggest difference with the Beach Buddy model is tank protection.  With Scuba Buddy you don’t have the tank protection, but you can use it with a wider range of tanks.  Beach Buddy has a full sleeve around the tank with multiple D-rings for attaching the locking bungees.  Scuba Buddy has straps instead of a sleeve and removable and adjustable locking bungees.

Some divers like their tank covered and use tanks that are 7 1/4″ diameter and more common tank heights (such as aluminum 80s) – this is the best solution for Beach Buddy.  With Scuba Buddy you can use a tank that is up to 8″ in diameter (with tapered boot, i.e. Faber tank boot) and a wider range of tank heights. Both have the exact same base, wheels, and waterproof carry bag..   If the tank is less than 22″ or greater than 28″ from bottom to top (not including the valve), then you would want to use Scuba Buddy.

You can view the list of the most of the tanks on the market, and which can be used with Beach Buddy and Scuba Buddy here.